Photo by Bijou.

Adam CK Vollick

Adam was born in rural Ontario close to the north shore of Lake Erie on the eastern side of the Grand River. His work ethic was forged on the farm and he has a vision that stretches all the way to the horizon. He grew up watching clouds, riding the wind, hearing the birds, drinking the rain. Childhood gave his art an extrasensory feel for detail that most people simply don’t see. Adam is very connected to the natural world.

Adam is dyslexic. He never really grew comfortable in school and felt detached from that experience. This circumstance gave him opportunity to dive deeper into self, environment and nature. Ever the adventurer Adam embraced the digital age and its limitless artistic possibility. Even his early photography evokes a spiritual approach and demonstrates clearly that Adam had a voice and an emerging vision.

Adam has become both a fearless auteur and a consummate collaborator and interpreter. He is a highly skilled new world cinematographer who moves invisibly and effortlessly through scenes and compositions like the breeze in a forest. He exists somewhere between the spiritual world and theoretical physics. He captures breathtaking subject intimacy.

Adam’s work has captured the attention and patronage of creative giants like Neil Young, Jonathan Demme and Daniel Lanois. He and San Francisco mural master Andrew Schoultz created a living, breathing documentation of process. Vérité is his passion and his exploration of large scale panoramas and time-lapse is compelling.  His work continues to evolve into video installation art, and experimental photography as he is currently installed as Artist in residence at Backhouse in historic Niagara-on-the-lake.  Recently he collaborated with Daryl Hannah on a post apocalyptic western fantasy musical starring Neil Young and his newest band Promise of the Real – and yours truly.

Adam is a committed environmentalist. He is also a great dad. His daughter Bijou is 7 and clearly feels her essential place on the time/lifeline of her father’s single continuous vision. Their moments are filled with laughter and love and affection. Just like the frames of Adam’s work.

I am proud to be his friend.

d. “snowbear” toms aka The Passenger