Lincvolt nearing Lightspeed on pure Lightfuel

10/10 – Lincvolt nearing Lightspeed running pure Lightfuel – Nevada

This car is called Lincvolt.  It is a 6700 pound, one-of-a-kind, proof of concept for the bioelectric transportation model, it is the brainchild of Neil Young. It’s been a catalyst for a change in me.

It gets almost 30 mpge, the design is called a series hybrid – and it goes like hell driven by a massive electric motor, batteries and a generator that runs on cellulosic ethanol.  It is amazing.  400+ smooth, clean miles on a small tank of pure Alcohol.  The fuel itself is made from the biomass waste byproducts of making corn ethanol.  It’s a100% greenhouse gas reduction over any other car car on the road.  It’s proof, that vehicles need not be disposable polluters, but every car can last forever and run clean.

Introducing the bioelectric transportation model.  Electric motors are way more efficient than internal combustion engines at delivering power, thats why a 6700 pound car can get almost 30 mpge, and have a lot of power on demand, while having only a small 4 cylinder cellulosic generator motor to charge the batteries.  If your average driver goes 35 miles each day, and your average battery trip is 40-50 miles, than you’ve effectively removed all greenhouse gas emission from the public traffic cycle.  Additionally buses, and heavy equipment – like the big machines in the tar pit- run very well as series hybrids.  That is good for the planet, and it needs to happen and can happen immediately.  Big car manufacturers should be making all vehicles in this manner and demanding governments make clean fuels available for them.

The things I’ve learned just by proximity to this car inspire and anger me at the same time.  On one hand, it shows that all of the technology is available to usher in a new reality.  On the other, I’ve come to know about the oppressive deviant capital extremists knowingly poisoning the entire planet, while wringing our public necks for profits, and the governments who knowingly let them.

It’s set me out on my own voyage, to disseminate all the good information and make a change where I can, where I know people, where I grew up.  I hope everyone will follow along and share the information with their friends.  Take action where you live.

“Observe with Conviction.”



Sea of Land, Nevada

9/10 – Sea of Land – Nevada

If there is one thing that is true about our race, It’s that historically we’ve always been wrong.  We aren’t stupid – we believed in observable truths.  That is until someone, observed a different phenomena then we went back to the drawing board.  For instance our view of the evolution of the universe,  it was once popularly believed we could fall off the edge of the earth, now we wonder if the God particle will destroy Us, and IF GLOBAL WARMING IS AFFECTING CLIMATE CHANGE?.  Another thing that is true about our race is that collectively we can make anything a reality, even if by accident our global will determines our capacity to create and make real the things in our imaginations, nothing is beyond our grasp seemingly.  However, Nature is a powerful evolutionary force – her will greater than ours – and it is where we have learned all of our lessons it is naive to think of ourselves as Masters of creation.  There is no doubt that life will continue here on this planet with or without us, if you dig deep enough you see evidence that we didn’t even exist here not all that long ago – however the length of time before our collective extinction is up to us.  Right now that decision is in the hands of Corporations advising our Governments who care only about economics, profits and global targets – not people.  Meanwhile they are driving our Earthship into a Blackhole, while we just go along for the ride.  I invite you to do whatever you can with me to take the wheel.  I’m choosing to have faith in people.  We have everything we need to put the brakes on climate change, we just need to grasp it.  That’s just about having the right information and the will to act on it, by changing our habits about the life cycles of the things we have in our lives.

We don’t have to give anything up either, we just need to demand that our governments make better choices on our behalf – and if we have to inform them what they are.  Right now government policy is being influenced by corporations (by definition rich groups of people that act as one force with the sole interest of profit by any means neccesary) instead of people who vote and live and breath in the air and water, and most importantly have children whom they wish to thrive and be happy and healthy.  Corporations don’t get cancer, corporations don’t eat or drink, or breathe, they just profit and destroy, no empathy or consciousness.  We shouldn’t feel bad if corporations die.

Sure big oil employs a lot of people, and some rich bastards stock will fade to zilch, but I bet 450,000 guys from the tar sands – who breathe every breath full of cancerous tar – living in double wide trailer prison cell housing, I bet those guys would be a lot happier close to their family, working a healthy job on a fuel farm with a lower cost of living, and living to be a healthy hundred year old.  As an added bonus that healthy guy wouldn’t be a drain on the publicly funded healthcare system either.  As for supporting industries for big oil, there would be a lot more work to do to build more local infrastructure for a new decentralized fuel system, where fuel is grown and produced locally.  Infrastructure to deal with manufacturing necessary materials for life from the byproducts of bio-oil cultivation, and to do bio electric conversions, furnish new high tech food growers, and build smarter power grids.  And on and on, and not to mention the jobs that go with it.

It’s an exciting time to be alive, a challenging but exciting time nonetheless.   2014 will be the year I forge ahead into getting off petroleum, and telling as many people as I can about the far reaching benefits of a sustainable economy , by showing them the answers I find and put into practise.  Everything I make is going to go into this project, so if you could be so kind as to support it by collecting my photography or the upcoming kickstarter campaign.  I promise in return to share the entirety of the journey, and seek out only the best answers, and the clearest information.  It’s really about turning the tide of climate change, by being a smart empowered public.  Read the evolving plan here.

All I sell are limited edition prints, personally signed and numbered by the me.  I even hand polish the aluminum plate, mount, personally annotate and package them myself.  I include white handling gloves and a french cleat for float mounting the plate.  Click the image to buy them here.

Keep on Rockin’ in the free world,


BioFuel Silos

8/10 – Future BioFuel Silos – Wellandport, Ontario.  After a long time away this year, I returned home briefly in August.  At that time I was doing a lot of driving back and forth between my parent’s house in the countryside and  the city of St. Catharines, where my daughter attends school.  I was about to embark upon another Lincvolt trip – this time to Ft. Mcmurray – The biggest lesion on the face of the planet.  Driving through the fields I grew out of, knowing what I’ve learned about how easy it is to grow fuel and be off of cancerous petroleum addiction, I felt my life coming into focus.  I’d been adrift for a long time unaware of what I was doing with my life, learning by osmosis how to be a filmmaker.  It’s when a vision started to form in me of how I could do something to change myself and show others how easy it is to change.  Here is a link to the manifesto about the film and resulting rural revitalization project I hope to get under way in the spring when I plant some hemp seeds.  Read More Here.

The Bush - Geelong, Australia

7/10 – The Bush – Geelong, Australia.  A long drive on a shuttle bus, through the wild of Australia gave me this image.  I was impressed by the greenery and water.  I guess my simple Canadian mind always assumed Australia was all a desert.  It is in fact a very lush and diverse geography.


6/10 – Olive in Breeze – Umbria, Italy.  A walk in an Olive grove listening to the wind yielded this image.

5/10 –Telephone Wire & Hayfield – Umbria, Italy

What the hell is Spacetime Painting anyway?  It’s a camera technique, but it is a technique that for me dissects our reality in a poetic way.  Each photograph is a metaphor for my view of how our reality works – the idea that wherever our intention is focused is what seems to be real and concrete, unmovable, meanwhile everything else is fluid and changing relative to where our intentions are focused.  Fundamentally we create into reality whatever we focus on, and the universe bends around our intentions.  Beyond photographs, it means we all have a great responsibility everyday to go forth with positive intent.  Be constructive with your movements.  Note to self, I guess.

4/10 –Hedgerow – Umbria, Italy

On a trip to the local market in rural italy I snagged this one.  The local market made no mention of Local, Organic or Fair trade, because it just goes without saying there, the food supply has not been fucked with.  Say what you will about the political perversion of Italy, they’ve managed to keep food natural.  Way to go Italy!

3/10 – March, 2013.  I landed in Perth, Australia after a sleepless and nonetheless long journey from Canada.  I was about to embark on a 8 month stint of travel, chasing Crazy Horse and other Neil related projects around the Globe.  We had a day to recover from travel – so a few of us Roadies took a ferry to Fremantle – where AC/DC originated.  I took this photo from a shuttle bus on the way to the docks, through a terribly tinted window.  I guess you just godda take a chance sometimes.  Win or Lose at least you played hard.  There’s a good old hockey cliche for ya.

2/10 – This was taken this summer on a break from the Neil Young and Crazy Horse European tour.  With Eric Johnson at the wheel, I made Spacetime Paintings in rural Italy.  It was one of the most magical weeks of my life.  It was also one of the darkest weeks of my life – go figure huh? A lot of beautiful pictures came out of Italy, perhaps someday I’ll release more of them, for now though Olive Grove – Umbria, Italy speaks to me.

1/10 –  Canadian thanksgiving I took a 22km canoe ride down the Grand River.  It was a wonderful reminder to me of the infinite beauty and life that grows around water – around where I came from.  Literally the mud smells like home, I feel the most connected when I stand on the soil where I grew up.  This image was born from a momentary patch of sun striking a clear meadow on the Grand River between Cambridge and Paris Ontario.  This is one of my favourites It has within it all of the emotions I was feeling that day.  Riding silently on the current with the wind and the sun.  I call it Grand River Meadow.