This film was initially shot the night after Nuit Blanche in 2010.  Daniel called Carolina Cerisola and I into his new workshop in Toronto after a sleepless night – and then the film was shelved, to gestate.  All of our collaborations are impermanent, synesthetic and evolving to changes in the landscape.  Then in 2014, when I heard the new developments in Dan’s sonics for (flesh and machine), I was inspired by their sub-spatial nature.  The indigenous cries that echo in “Sioux Lookout” remind me of the nearly extinct ways of people who understood our balance within nature.   Carolina danced off the shelf and transformed into a disappearing supernatural creature – parallel to the sound – adapting naturally to her new environment.



I helped Daniel edit this film together of his Tinariwen Remix in the back of the Cadillac. It was all done in one afternoon when we should have been rehearsing for our tour. Vice reviewed it here.
Honour the Treaties

CALGARY ADDRESS - 01.19.2014

Thanks to my friends in the First Nations. Thanks to my crew, Thanks to all of the Canadians who supported our efforts to enable justice and truth for the First Nations living in Canada. Our journey across the great expanse of Canada revealed the beauty of the people and the land once again and brought back the old feelings of home. To the leaders of Canada I say keep our word. Live up to the truth. Honour the treaties. To the foreign and domestic oil companies in our north, I say clean up your mess. Stop complaining. Talk to our First Nations and come to agreements to allow what you plan to do on their land, as it is represented in the treaties our forefathers reached with our First Nations. PEACE. Neil Young, Canadian citizen since 1945.
hemp field


Hemp has been promoted as a promising alternative crop for the future. The federal government institutionalized alternative-crop research and development programs as an integral part of national policy in 1990.
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Eleven years in the making, FUEL is the in-depth personal journey…